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Estonian Government Cloud

Estonia has been a pioneer in converting public services into flexible e-solutions for its citizens and e-residents. The implementation of the Government Cloud solution provides an excellent foundation for public e-services and solutions, which makes Estonia the most digital country in the world. With the Government Cloud solution Estonia is taking the next step in its digital evolution to expand its ICT society.

The Estonian Government Cloud will lead to the modernization and renewal of existing information systems, to embrace the opportunities offered by cloud technology and allow more agility in provision of e-services by the Estonian government agencies and critical service providers to residents and e-residents.

The solution will help to integrate the existing siloed IT infrastructure of the Estonian public sector into shared pool of resources. The Estonian public institutions will gradually transit from existing legacy systems to a new Government Cloud solution, which has been developed in accordance with the national IT Security Standard (ISKE), to ensure the compliance with safety and quality requirements. For example sensitive personal data is stored and handled with confidentiality, and integrity.

The Estonian Government Cloud is managed by Estonian IT Centre (RIT).

The main advantages of the Government Cloud fot the state institusions are:

Cost efficiency


Centralized competencies

Visually impaired